The City of Miramar was established in 1955 by A.L. Mailman, who had a home in the town in Cuba by the same name. Miramar stands for “Look at the sea” in Spanish. The city originally served as a “bedroom” community between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but the low prices of land and building led to its rapid growth. H.D. Perry, Sr. was the developer of the first 56 homes in the city in 1953, and is still recognized as one of the pioneers of the history of Miramar.


Not much has changed from over 60 years ago, Miramar is still sought after for its very convenient location near both Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports as well as its fairly priced Real Estate. There are 22 parks, 1 regional park and 10 community parks in the city, all available for various athletic activities. Their mission statement is “The City of Miramar pledges to continuously improve the quality of life for our residents by maintaining a clean, safe, economically viable, and innovative community responsive to changing needs, while preserving its rich history.”

Miramar’s active residents embrace the arts and culture and welcome diversity, technology and new businesses.
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